Exploring the new river walk

Recently the city has made some very nice new walkways in our area and we had some time to go explore them. The walkway takes you out over the locks and very near the city dam.



On the overlooks, you can see many, many pelicans hoping to find their next meal.


I must admit, I was quite impressed with all the improvements. There were alot of people walking on the new overlooks and all the kids were oooing and ahhhing at the hundreds of big fish below, swimming in the river.



While we were walking, I mentioned to my husband that this would be the ideal place for us to live. There are condo’s feet from the waters edge and they even have their own boat slips. How great would that be?

We could stand up paddle, kayak or take the fishing boat out every night. Then he pointed out a big disadvantage. There are always alot of people around and sometimes we really search hard for piece and quiet, especially since we already live in the city. So, I sadly agreed, and besides, this is not our dream body of water to live on anyhow. It was a nice thought though.

On the way back to the recreational trail, I noticed an area restaurant that offers dinner on the outdoor deck, where you could sit and watch the sunset. How beautiful would that be? And I just love how all the old buildings in and around the area have renovated and helped make the area what it is.



After our exploration here we headed toward the recreational trail which is connected a little further down. It is a great paved trail that goes on and on for miles. Along the way we ran into a little boy and his mom. The little boy came to us and asked if we could see all the,”fuzzy flowers,” and we said yes. I told him to see if he could catch one, and so he did. It’s funny how something that normally drives alot of people crazy with allergies can cause such excitement in someone with an imagination. It was cute to see him run around and try to catch the floating cotton puffs.

We walked a little further and my husband surprised me with his offer to buy ice cream along the trail. I would never pass this up, he very rarely will go out for ice cream. He ordered an orange cream drink, and me a turtle sundae, with no nuts(allergy).

We took them back down to the waters edge and ate. Then headed back to end our night.

When we got back to the car, I noticed a beautiful sunset. Which made me comment to him, its sort of weird. We now do things during the week. Before our son graduated high school, we always left the nights open for all his homework. Now, our son has a second shift job, which leaves us alone, and we don’t have to be home by a certain time for anything. It’s like we are dating all over again, after almost 20 years of marriage. Now that is very weird, but, very nice. I think I am going to like this new way of life:)


QUESTION: How did your life change when your last child graduated high school or left for college? Was it good or bad?

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