We have come a long way…

This weekend we decided to paddle a river that we have not been on for the past three years. Our original plan needed to be changed because of high water levels due to the amount of rain fall we received this past week. We had a friend along that just bought his first kayak and had very little experience, so a roaring river was not what we were looking for at all.

We started this 8 mile paddle with the sun shining and blue skies above.This is the same river we all started on along time ago. It has a few ripples and alot of curves, and some good current at times. I can remember this being a challenge, and after today, all three of us were so amazed at how far we have come. Although, it was great for the rookie. We would have done anything for a rapid to paddle over, but in time we will get him there, I think. He seemed to really enjoy his new kayak.


While paddling we sometimes will bring along a water frisbee, to add a little excitement. Today, I actually remembered it and it added to the fun. When the waters were calm, we tossed it around some, and even shared a few splashes, of some VERY cold water.


About half way down we stopped at a park where we got out stretched our legs some, and had a snack. Cliff bars for everyone, a drink to rehydrate, and some yummy venison jerky was shared between the guys. My son and husband were in heaven, they don’t get a whole lot of red meat at home, so it was a nice treat.

After snack time, we continued on to the last stretch  of river, which is somewhat faster. It only took us about an hour to finish and then it was time to change, pack up and share a meal on our weekend dining room table together. The tailgate of a truck. We sometimes love the comments we get from some of the new people we have taken with us in the past. Although, he did not seem to mind, even if it happened to be his truck tailgate we used. Our meal this weekend consisted of cold rotisserie chicken, tortilla shells, lettuce, cheese, and sweet red pepper sauce or salsa. Some fresh pineapple, pita crackers, peanuts, chocolate bar to share for dessert, and drinks. Oh, and don’t for get the bear meat sticks our friend shared. Yes, again my husband and son were very happy.


I have heard my husband talk about all the hunting his friend does, and I am not a very brave person when it comes to wild game. So, I stuck to what I knew I was eating and left them all enjoy their treats.

I must say, it was a nice, sunny paddle, with very little adventure. We never know if someone new will return or not. Now we just wait and see what happens. Hopefully he joins us again, and we will take him to a river where he will really have some fun.


Until next time….

Happy Paddling:)


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