A Mansion and a Roaring River

Last night my husband said we were going for a drive. Our weekend plans involved going to our favorite river to do some paddling. We also have plans to have one rookie along with us this weekend. Since we have had rain here for the past three days straight, he thought it would be a good idea to check out the condition of the river.

Well, today he will be informing his buddy we are planning a different river. When we arrived we could here the roar from the parking lot above the hill, which normally means it is flowing at a pretty good pace. To put this into perspective for you all, this rock ledge you see covered with water is normally where we can beach up to 6 kayaks easily and still have room to walk around them on dry rock. It is totally submerged as of right now.


This is normally the part of the river where, when we arrive with our kayaks, there are hundreds of people swimming in the little lagoons and in the river flow. Tonight that would not have been possible, they would have been swept down river very quickly and painfully.


So, as I was sitting on the rocks where we usually have a snack mid river, wearing what I never thought I would ever be wearing at this location, my hiking boots, instead of water shoes, I told my husband he better start thinking of a new plan for the weekend.


He sadly agreed. This is our favorite river, it is so fun normally, but not a great spot to take someone that has never been in current with a kayak. So, next we ventured back in the car and drove a little further up to an area where we have only seen from the other side of the river bank. Today we ventured in from the road and got to take a sneak peak of the mansion that has been abandoned for many years. If you recall, I gave you a sneak peak from the hill top on our first kayaking trip of the season. Well, here are some very close peaks.



(Sorry about the umbrella strap in the pic, it was raining again!!!)


Now for the inside.



I can only imagine this in fairy tail books. The back balcony on the second level over looks the rivers edge and a beautiful(but dangerous) waterfall.

The water fall behind the building that normally we portage at least half of it anyhow, was really quite unhappy also. My husband tried to do a little fishing here, but no luck catching anything big. Although, when I fish, it is not about big, it’s about catching anything. So, he did catch something, but nothing to brag about.


On the way home, we stopped in a small town and had some dinner. Very cute decor, huge menu, and friendly people. My husband had a great burger and a huge pile of fries.I had an egg and potato scramble dish with cheese on the top.This was also very tasty, although, I expected real cheese on the top and instead it was some sort of cheese sauce, which I tried to remove as much as possible. Being from WI, I was shocked a farm community restaurant would not use real cheese. I would recommend this restaurant again. Although, plan to have left overs, because the portions were very large. Prices were also very reasonable. We’ll be back:)

It was a great week night road trip. We hope to do one of these every week to somewhere. As for the weekend plans, we are going to see what happens. We will be padding somewhere, it’s just a matter of where at this point.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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