Mother Nature Just Will Not Give Up

For the past two days it has rain, and rained some more. Living in Wisconsin, has its ups and downs, and this year, has been like no other. Yesterday, not far from us they had a major winter snow storm, so rain for us was a blessing in my eyes. They are predicting sun and some warmth for the weekend, so let’s all hope for the best.

Recently, we went on our annual Easter weekend vacation, that normally takes us hiking somewhere and we share Easter lunch somewhere remote. This year was a little different. I have wanted to stay in a yurt for sometime now, and this year seemed to be perfect. Although, my son was not in any way thrilled about this trip. He dreaded it from the moment I made the plans, till we arrived at the front door of the yurt itself.


Upon arriving, he took a peak inside, and stated,”maybe this won’t be so bad.” I was so relieved hearing that. He had his right to think the worst, because I am not usually a person that enjoys ,no running water, and especially, no flushing toilets.

We had everything we needed in three backpacks, and a sled. The yurt itself was on a cliff right next to Lake Superior. It was such a spectacular sight.


We were so thankful we brought our snowshoes, because every time you took a step, you fell through snow that was well over our knees in depth. The first thing we did, was check the place out, collect wood for the wood burning stove, and to get settled in.

There was a cabinet outside with supplies, although we brought all we needed with us. We prepared all our meals and warmed all our water on the stove. At night, we actually played card games, by lantern and headlamps. It was sort of strange, to see how much we take for granted having electricity for everything.

The first night, we were all concerned if we would wake up before the wood stove would go out, so that we could put more wood on the fire before getting too cold. Although, thanks to my dear husband, that was not the case at all. We are lucky we did not cook to death in our bunks, he had us TOASTY warm!!!!! We were very thankful by the second night, we had the wood stove mastered and did not dehydrate in our sleep like the night before.

On our last morning there, we had a wild alarm clock awakening that took us all by surprise. At about 4:30am, a pack of wolves decided it was time for us all to wake up. I had never heard wolves howl like that before, but I guarantee, I will never forget what it sounds like. Thankfully, they went on their merry way, and did not hang around for breakfast.

While packing up to leave, we all agreed this would not be our last yurt vacation. Although, I would have preferred less snow, but then we would have had to worry about bears. So it all turned out terrific and we all had a great time, even my son.

QUESTION: Have you ever stayed in a yurt?


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