What I Am Loving Lately

I find myself starting to enjoy each day a little more as the weather starts to heat up little by little here in Green Bay. From finally seeing leaves on trees to gorgeous colors starting to be planted in planters around homes and businesses. There is something about color that just adds happiness to life. With that being said, here are a few things I am loving lately.

Dinners outside again: My husband and I will often share dinner together outside on the porch in the warm months of the year. We have begun doing this again on the days that are nice and I am so grateful for this time.


Coffee Nut M&M’s: OMG….they are my favorite all time M&M.


Our Bugaboo Camp Cooking Pot set: I could not believe this when I found it at a garage sale one morning walking the neighborhood with my kiddos. I almost had a stroke when I saw the $3 price tag (normally $70 brand new retail) and opened it up to find it new, not scratched, and never used for that matter. It will no doubt be the best thing I find at a garage sale this season.


Palmer’s Coconut Oil Lotion: As I mentioned in the past, my hair and skin have drastically changed since surgery back in January. And since I found my new favorite hair moisturizer, I was on a mission to find a lotion that would offer my skin some relief. I gave this coconut oil lotion a try after talking with a friend and have been very happy with the results so far. It not in any way greasy which is a BIG thing for me. It smells wonderful….like the tropics and really seems to moisturize well.


Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut Bar: After a long walk one day I stopped at a local drug store for a quick errand and noticed these by the checkout. I grabbed one since I was hungry and this sounded yummy. I don’t typically do bar type snacks unless on a trail or paddling a river but this just sounded perfect. After opening it and giving it a try, I think I may have a new favorite bar because it was soooo good.


Sriracha Aioli: With grilling season upon us I am always experimenting with ways to liven up burgers, chicken and other meats. I picked this up in Door County, WI on a day trip with some friends and cannot wait to return for another bottle. We have tried it on chicken sandwiches, turkey burgers, and its fabulous in black bean burger wraps. It really adds a kick of flavor and spice.


This inspirational saying:  I recently saw this while shopping and thought of how much our life has changed in the last few months. It’s exactly how I feel and I am working very hard to feel like I am living right side up again. All in good time….right


That shall do it for now.

If you want to share something you are enjoying lately, feel free and do so.

Since tomorrow is going to be one of those crazy busy days I will end by wishing everyone a safe and very happy Memorial Day weekend………….





GSI Bugaboo Cook Set Review

This is a review about the GSI Bugaboo Cook Set. Something I have been wanting for quite sometime now. I just could not justify spending the retail price on which is in the ball park of $70 new. I found mine at a garage sale for a whopping $3 and could not be happier with this price, the condition of the set, and the way this items performs.


We are mainly planning on using this at campsites for cooking and not typically backpacking. Although, since it comes enclosed in a a nice, mesh, pull string bag and holds all the contents of the set nicely inside, I would think this could be backpack friendly. However, for one person the pot is probably too large to carry for this purpose.

Our first meal prepared in this pot was chicken alfredo. Let me first say, I LOVE THE DRAIN LID!


This made draining the liquid off the cooked pasta a breeze. IMG_4052

We found that this pot heats nice and evenly and boils water in very little time. And it makes a good amount of food for a family of 2-3 people. IMG_4051

We did find that if the handle is left attached during the cooking process it does heat up and can be hard to handle. However, it is easily removable, so this is what we did while our pasta was cooking. It snaps right back on with ease so not really a big issue for us.

As for clean up, the pot is non stick which makes clean up fast and simple. IMG_4058

There are also four triangle cups that come with the set. Two with sip top lids and two without which can be used as small bowls I would assume. For us, the only contents we used were the cups for coffee in the morning. I like the size, not too big and not too small. Although, the lids did leak a bit, which I figured they would since our last GSI coffee cups lids were almost the same and they leaked also. However, I don’t prefer the sip top lids in the first place, so this was not big deal for us.


Honestly, for the cost of a new set I would still hesitate to purchase this. It’s still a bit costly in my opinion. If it was for everyday use in the kitchen then it would be different and I would spend the money. In my case, finding it at a garage sale for a whopping $3 was a TERRIFIC find and we will enjoy it for years to come while enjoying the great outdoors.

What is your favorite camp item?

What piece of equipment would you spend a little more on for comfort/security? (We spent a good amount on our tent and its very rain proof as we found out recently)




A Picture Perfect Weekend

Our weekend was picture perfect. Take a look.

 another hike to add to the challenge logIMG_4120



clean carpets thanks to my hubby


flowers planted


more egg muffin cups made… this time bacon, onion and cheese


kayak demo day which is always fun(and expensive)



a great game of disc golf at a favorite course



and a beautiful sunset


What a wonderful weekend it turned out to be for us.



The Good, Bad, and Ugly

****If you are squeamish refrain from reading this post.

This week I have handled it all….a bit of good, bad and ugly.

My week started out with a very good walk with a friend. We walked, talked, enjoyed wildlife, and felt great by the end.


A bit of bad this week was that our son bid farewell to his Jackson Karma kayak. He had decided to sell it about two weeks ago and the person buying it came to pick it up this week. Life is changing here at our house very quickly. We are looking at it as we are aging gracefully…..all of us. He is planning on purchasing more of a touring kayak for his photography purposes and we are not sure what that means for my husband and myself as far as kayaking goes. We have always struggled to find paddlers to join us. And honestly, after talking with the gentleman that bought our son’s kayak, he has always had the same issues. For now we are keeping our river kayaks but our eyes are open to other opportunities in this sport. We plan to attend a kayak demo in the area and see what they have to offer but for the time being, we just aren’t ready to give up the flow of a great river.


I also handled a bit of an ugly situation that was not expected this week. I was typing away in another room when I heard my husband arrive home, enter through the back door and our son say, “OMG what did you do???” to his dad. I immediately knew to go have a look. I entered the kitchen to see my husband with blood all over his sweatshirt, down the leg of his jeans and his hand wrapped up with his own sock. IMG_4109

As a wife of a very accident prone husband, I could only hope some of this blood was from a fish he caught since he was fishing while this happened. However, I knew in my heart, this was not the case. He had been wader fishing and fell on some slippery rocks puncturing his hand quite deep, cutting his wrist, and palm.We immediately assessed the injury, cleaned it up and debated if we needed to take a trip to the emergency room. We opted to take care of things at home, since we have had our fill of hospitals this year so far. Nothing was broke and the bleeding had, for the most part, stopped while he drove home from his favorite fishing hole. Needless to say, once he was cleaned up, wrapped up and medicated a bit, he was done for the day. But, he did catch some awesome fish!


Along with some good days filled with sunshine this week, a really bad list that made me even sadder to live where I live, and a really ugly week at the gym with only one visit all week. I am just happy to finally have a weekend with sunshine and warmth upon us. We have a list a mile long….some fun, some work, so I better get at it.

See you all next week.

Get outside and enjoy some sunshine!



Egg and Veggie Muffin Cups

It’s not very often I find myself in the kitchen coming up with new recipes anymore. Typically, meal times consists of just the two of us, since our son is now grown and rarely home. Although, recently I did experiment with some egg muffin cups for an easy, healthy breakfast option and they turned out pretty good. So I thought I would share them here with all of you.

Egg Veggie Muffin Cups

4 large whole eggs

5 large egg whites

4 slices of whole wheat bread, cubed

salt and pepper to taste




sweet peppers


First, I cubed up four slices of bread and placed them in a dish.


Then I cleaned and chopped up my vegetable mixture. I used the vegetables listed above but feel free to use what your family likes. Then I sauteed them in their own juices until tender.


Whisk your eggs together and pour them over the bread. Add your cooked vegetables and mix gently.

Spray 9 regular sized muffin cups with non stick cooking spray and fill them 3/4 full with the egg mixture. IMG_4093

Bake these at 375 for 20-22 minutes or until set in the center and brown on top. IMG_4096

This recipe makes 9 muffin cups.

I froze mine in a freezer bag for easy reheating during the week. You could enjoy them immediately if you wish.

Some other ingredients you could consider adding would be:

cheese, hot peeper, crumbled cooked bacon, or any other veggie choice.



A Day To Slow Down And Smell The Roses

Recently, I was asked by two friends if I could take a day off to spend in Door County, WI. The answer was YES…..I would love to take a day off. Which is exactly what I did Friday and joined them on a day of adventure.

I woke up early Friday morning and got in a great morning workout at the gym before picking them up and heading north. Our first stop was for coffee and soon after that we arrived ready to walk, shop and smell the roses.


Door County, WI is always a beautiful place to visit. With it being so close to us, its an easy, fun, one day trip that offers everything from shopping, water activities, wine tasting, specialty food tasting, hiking, state parks and some fabulous restaurants.

We visited one of these great restaurants while there and had a fantastic pizza, bean wrap, and wine.


The area is just now coming alive with color and activity for the season. So it was nice to beat the crowds and take in all Door County has to offer without the hustle and bustle of a million people.


It was great to escape daily life and just have some fun with two great friends.


Do you ever escape for a girls getaway?

Where do you usually go?

What I Am Loving Lately….

With the season changing there are many things that are making a comeback into my life. And a few things that are also new that I would like to share with you all.

Here are a few…

Iced latte’s: yum, yum, yum! I think I would drink coffee chilled all year long if I didnt love the warmth of holding the hot cup in the early mornings during the winter months. So summer time is when I really enjoy my iced coffee.


Rainbow of colors in the yard again: We are finally outside on a daily basis playing and enjoying the fun colorful toys we have not seen in months. Another winter stuck inside officially survived by us all.


Tribe Hummus: During the week I get very little peace and quiet which is why I truly love to lay everyone down for nap and step out on the porch for an afternoon snack. My go to snack lately has been this hummus in the cucumber tzatziki flavor. It takes complete self control not to eat the entire container by myself.


My dream play house: I know what your thinking, a dream play house! Let me explain. Do you know how great it would be for our play area to be separated from my families living space in our home. Having an in home daycare is not all rainbows and butterflies. I often (always) feel like I NEVER LEAVE WORK. Which is one of the reason I am very rarely home on weekends since its the only time I feel like I get to leave my “office”. Which is why I fell in LOVE with this when we were walking one day on a recreational trail nearby. I think this would be PERFECT. Ahhhhh, pipe dreams….they are wonderful.


Argan Oil from Morocco: I am not a fashion or beauty expert by any means but lately I have been searching for something to help tame my hair frizz. Since surgery, back in January, my hair and skin have been so different. I am thinking its hormone related but gosh nothing seems to tame the frizz. Until, I came across this product. It’s in a small amount so if it did not work I would not have ANOTHER bottle of useless product and its was fairly cheap at $2.99 a packet. I am able to get three uses out of one packet for my hair length and let me tell you…..it smells wonderful. Like the tropics, the only thing missing is the drink on the beach with an umbrella in it. And it tamed my frizz in one use….which is awesome. I am sold and have already bought more.


Cacala Turkish towels: I bought these a few months ago and finally had a chance to use them while camping recently. Apparently, they were suppose to absorb water remarkably and dry in a very short amount of time. Plus, they are light weight and fold so much smaller than a bath towel. Well, after giving ours a try, I can attest to all these things. We used both of ours camping for showers and dried them on a clothesline in approximately 30 minutes or less both times. They are huge and do really absorb water nicely. I can’t wait to use them at the beach this summer.



Roasted turkey sausages: While sitting near the campfire one evening my husband got this bright idea to try roasting one of our turkey sausages that we often enjoy on the trail. I was willing to give it a try but I was not quite sold on the idea until after trying them. They were spectacular. I would even say they were better than last years invention of roasted marshmallows stuffed with bacon bits(alcohol was involved in this creation). If your ever in the mood for a mini hotdog I would gladly suggest giving this a try.


That should do it for the things I am loving lately.

Do you want to share anything your enjoying…..comment and tell us all.