Here’s To The Weekend…Cheers Everyone

This has been one of those weeks where the weekend just does not come fast enough. It has been one horribly stressful week here and I am in desperate need of some recovery time.

Monday was a typical Monday, no one is ever really happy to see this day of the week arrive. Nothing really too terrible to deal with just Monday. We actually made it to the gym for a great workout together which was the highlight of the day. All in all, a good day.

Tuesday we were blessed with an outside temperature of 91 and super humid. I was in heaven, my hubby was tolerable, our son stayed inside all day, and my daycare kids were somewhat on the grumpy side. We ended up skipping all the physical activity that we had planned and after dinner made a trip to Costco. I always have mixed feelings about shopping at warehouse stores. We always spend tons of money but we also find a few new items that I am looking forward to trying.


Wednesday I swear there had to be a full moon. It was cool and comfortable outside which meant everyone should have been very happy. Well, let me assure you, everyone was not happy at all. My daycare kiddos were a hand full and a half. Thankfully my husband came home just as tired as I was so we opted out of going to the gym that night and decided to go disc golfing. As we were leaving our son informed us that he was going to give it a try left handed (due to his healing broken collar bone) and join us. I was shocked but happy he decided to come. We all had great fun. Our neighbor joined us also and even received some great pointers on how to get her disc to go where she wanted it to go. Our son managed without too much frustration and my husband and I had a great time just playing the game as always. In honor of our son playing with his huge handicap, we all agreed to play the last hole left handed just like he had to do. This was quite amusing, took a few more throws than usual to reach the basket, and we all had a few laughs while trying to finish the game.

Then Thursday arrived. It started out with my husband sitting up in bed stating, “SHIT its 5 to 5!!!!!!!!!” Crap, I flew out of bed, packed his lunch while he got dressed, threw him together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the road and he was out the door in 6 minutes. From bed to road in 6 minutes. EPIC!!! This was not a great way to start the day for either of us.

As for today, it’s Friday and I will be counting the hours until I get my last kisses and hugs goodbye from my little ones. I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow morning until at least 6 a.m. which should not be a problem thanks to the bottle of margaritas that has been chilling in the frig since our trip to Costco Tuesday night.

Cheers Everyone;)

Have a great weekend!

Get Up And Move Update-June

June has been a month of tons of activity. I had no problem what so ever accomplishing 30 minutes per day of movement.

Let’s see, hubby and I finally made it to the tennis court. We played numerous games of disc golf, even had our neighbor give it a try with us. I have religiously made it to the gym twice a week for the whole month. And I have enjoyed my standup paddle board more often this year than any other year before.(July Goal #1 accomplished)


Kayaking has been a bit of a challenge with our son not able to paddle due to his broken collar bone but we have been out without him once or twice. Of course I am finding time to walk, if not at night with my hubby, then during the day with all my daycare kiddos. I even found myself walking with our son three times a day right after his accident to get his stamina back up after his head injury and concussion.

My hope is to take advantage of yoga in the park before summer is over and also start hiking real soon again. However, right now we are fully booked with everything else that we can’t even think about trying to add more to our lives.

I just hope your all finding the time to Get Up And Move!

Tell me, what have you been doing?

Have you tried anything new?

If you could try something new, what would it be?



Lesson Learned/A Guides Perspective

We hit the river for the first time this weekend without our son. To say it was a little strange to not pack up all his gear would be an understatement. The entire trip, from start to finish, I felt like someone was missing. Although, we ought to get used to this, he will not be paddling for quite some time. That being said, we still had a great time with a new couple and our newbie neighbor that has now officially graduated from a newbie to a full blown kayaker.

As I have said in the past, we rarely find friends to join us in our river adventures. However, this weekend with three kayaks empty instead of just two, we left it up to our neighbor to search out some friends she would like to have experience the adventure with us. Surprising, this was quite easy for her and the first couple she asked said yes. (We seriously need some friends like this) So, our neighbor, who has been down the river once with us in the past and once at a beach with some lessons on wet exits and rolling accompanied us along with her sister and brother in law. Our neighbor took our son’s kayak and the new couple used our recreational kayaks.

The day was hot, partly sunny and beautiful. A great day to see if the lessons on wet exiting at the beach were worth teaching. In our opinion, after you teach the basics like how to hold a paddle and paddle strokes the next lesson should be wet exiting your kayak. Even though they may not like the fact that this should be taught, they will be happy they know the skill eventually. Our neighbor was very happy to have learned this lesson after trying to surf one of the nicest rapids on the river this weekend. I will apologize because I have no pics of this part of our day but I had a little more important things to do. (Like retrieve gear after she flipped) If someone is going to flip surfing, we know from experience, this is the rapid it is going to happen on. She wanted to try and my husband was never very far from her in his kayak the entire time. I, however, exited my kayak, beached it on a rock and stood nearby in the water to assist because I knew how this would end. The newbies sat nearby in their kayaks watching. She was doing great until the wave caught her, turned her sideways and over she went….and exited just like she was taught. Success, she was up, my husband was out and ready to assist and I gathered the gear. Afterwards she admitted that she was so thankful to have been taught the lesson and even happier to have had the chance to get a true wet exit experience. We officially have graduated her from newbie to just an every day kayaker….Congrats!

As for our newbie couple, they did terrific. One flip in the last rapid of the river but everyone stayed calm. She also surprised us all by trying it again and the second time it went much more smoothly. Success was achieved by all this weekend and it was a great ending to our day on the river.

After that it was picnic time. I don’t think anyone was really ready to leave the river on this day because it was so beautiful but a nice spread of good food always helps.


We really enjoy taking new people and showing them that even though what we do can be dangerous, it can also be fun and relaxing. With the proper safety precautions it is no more dangerous than riding a bike on a city street. It’s really what you make of the experience that makes it what it is. You can float along and portage everything if you wish or you can try new things and even get a little crazy like my husband and slide down a rock with a dramatic splash.


It’s all up to you. All we ask is that you have fun and enjoy the moment.

This weekend I think we would all agree, we all enjoyed the moment:)




Finally Friday…

Why do some weeks seem so much longer than others? I am so thankful it is finally Friday. Even with having Monday off this week, it just dragged on and on.

This week was a little strange at times. Tuesday and Wednesday I would have thought we were in the middle of October. The temps here were so cool, I even considered making chili one night for dinner. Which is a BIG no no in summer. I just wanted to cry because it made me realize snow could fall as soon as a few weeks from now. Goodness, let’s move on, shall we, that is just too darn depressing!

On the brighter side, I had the nicest visit with two mother’s from our son’s group of friends earlier this week when they stopped me on the way to my mail box to ask how our son was feeling. I was happy to report that Monday was his first day back at work, light duty, but better than nothing. I was also very happy to hear and share with them that the whole group of friends that have decided to take up long boarding have now invested in helmets and other safety gear. Even though our son had a helmet prior to his accident (but forgot it at home that one night) none of them really thought it was necessary until the night they were all informed of his crash. He has a great group of friends that all visited many times over the last two weeks. I would hate to have to hear that any of them had to experience what our son did to realize something so simple can be so important. As for our son, he is ready and waiting patiently to long board again and will be sticking to flat ground for the rest of the summer. This I am thankful for. Although, I don’t believe this will be happening in the near future for him quite yet. Life is still moving in pretty slow motion for him as of now.

My husband and I have started throwing around in our heads some hikes we are hoping to do this coming fall and can’t wait to get back to geocaching. We are waiting for tick season to come to an end and the leaves to start falling. Hiking in the fall is our favorite time of year. Although, we always struggle because hunting season is also in the fall. In reality you would think its possible to do both, hike and hunt, but I will not allow him to shoot anything in my presence. So that is just not possible. As always, we will split our weekends up carefully and he will get to hunt and together we will hike. We have three hikes that we are really hoping to achieve this fall but right now we need concentrate on packing for our vacation destination that is coming up fast.

As for the weekend, I am very happy to report that we will be kayaking for the first time in a few weeks. Even though our son is beached, that does not mean mom and dad still can’t have fun.

You all have a great weekend!




July Goal #3- A Mom’s Day Off-Door County, WI

Although I don’t consider myself a full time mom anymore to our now grown 19 year old son, I am somewhat of a substitute mom to all my daycare children. That being said, whether I am a mom to my own child or doing my job, all mom’s needs a day off once in awhile. And that is exactly what I did on Monday, took a day off and had some fun with some friends.

I started my day with a little me time at the gym, alone and very early. My favorite time to workout is mornings and I rarely get this opportunity so I took full advantage of it.


After that is was home to get ready for our day of fun in Door County, WI. I have visited this area more times than I can remember and almost always spend most of the time hiking trails or on the water doing something water related. Today however, was all about food, shopping, and wine tasting. No need for hiking boots or paddles but I was ok with that.

Our first stop was a new coffee shop in Sturgeon Bay, WI called the Glas Coffee House. I had already had my fill of morning coffee so I went with a blueberry smoothie which was perfect after my awesome morning workout.


After this it was time to go deep into the Door County experience and shop. All three of us are foodies so we were literally like kids in a candy store. We tasted dips, salsa, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, BBQ sauces, cookies, cherries, and of course WINE!!!!!


We did sneak away and explore a few of the other shops with some authentic Door County art.


Then somewhere along the path we came across a very special holiday shop that is decorated year round with Christmas decor.


And I’ll be honest, walking into this shop in the middle of July was against all my morals but I did it. (You will all understand why if you remember how much I dread snow, cold, and winter.) I will also admit, the Christmas music that was playing sent a shiver down my spine but the decor was very, very beautiful.


We did take a short break and have a real meal in between all the culinary delights we tasted and ate at the Chef’s Hat in Ephraim, WI.


My meal of choice was the gorgonzola roast beef sandwich with potato salad. It’s like a party in your mouth, it’s so good.


Door County has so much to offer that I know we could never see it all in one day. However, we saw quite a bit of it.

Eventually, I hope to get the girls to visit and venture out into my world a bit and either do some hiking or explore by water but until that happens a glance at the calm waters of Door County was not far from my sight.


After all, it was a day to relax, enjoy being child free, enjoy being with friends and not have to worry about going back and picking up anyone in this area either:)


To finish off our day, we had the pleasure of stopping in at the cabin of one of the women I spent the day with and sharing a dinner of all our Door County treats. WARNING: VERY UNHEALTHY MEAL….but so worth it!


Yes, believe it or not, this was what we ate for dinner. Cookies, chocolate covered cherries, port wine cheese, crackers and wine. It was awesome.

Have you ever been to Door County, WI?

What was your favorite activity you did while there?



Hillshire Farm American Craft Sausage Review

Upon receiving two free coupons for two out of the three flavors of Hillshire Farms American Craft sausages to sample I was pretty open to giving these a whirl. We are not big processed food lovers at our home but sometimes a quick meal is just what needs to happen and this was perfect. These sausages come in smoky bourbon, jalapeno cheddar, and garlic onion flavors. They were priced at $2.89 each on sale at the time, but again, I was able to try these for free.

I choose smoky bourbon and jalapeno cheddar for my family then had my husband grill them one night for dinner. I had a smoky bourbon link and was happily surprised with the taste. Sweet,smoky, and not too greasy.


My husband had one of the jalapeno cheddar links and he was also surprised at the kick of heat that this sausage offered. He said it was tasty enough to eat alone with no additional condiments added.

The only down side to these sausages were the nutritional content. At 22g of fat, 260 calories and 630g sodium per sausage in the bourbon links and even higher in the jalapeno links, this was a huge drawback for me. Even though I would not expect  a processed sausage to be on any great diet list, I normally would never purchase these and feed them to my family or myself on a regular basis. Now, if you are not health conscious, I can say without a doubt, these you will find very appealing because they were very good.


*****As an authorized Buzz Agent I was sent this product for free in exchange for my honest and personal opinion. If you would like to know more about how to become a Bzz Agent visit this website



July Goal #2- Attempted But Not Accomplished

Remember my July goals list where I was going to try and get rid of my kayaking shoe tan lines around my ankles for an upcoming wedding we have to attend? Well, what can I say…..I did try and accomplish this goal but when you spend countless hours on the water sometimes things are not possible.

I truly did try, see: shoes off, feet up and basking in the sunlight.


Until it was my turn to hit the water again and back into my water shoes I went. It is what it is, I suppose.

Ultimately, the couple getting married tomorrow will probably not notice the tan line around my ankles. And I will not know more than a few people at this wedding anyhow (they are all my husbands work buddies) and even more so, they all know we are a family that spends many hours in kayaking gear. So really, they should consider themselves quite lucky we don’t show up in our PFD’s, helmets and water shoes after a long day on the river.

Here’s to forever happiness, summer weddings and tan lines:)

Have a great weekend everyone…….