Walking For A Purpose….Breast Cancer Walk 2014

This past Saturday I rolled out of bed bright and early to do something I love to do….walk. Only today my walk had meaning behind it. I took part in a breast cancer walk to support women with breast cancer.


In the past year we have listened to our neighbor agonize over what her sister has been going through while dealing with this illness. We have also watched as the mother of one of our son’s friends has fought this battle. I, myself, dealt with quite the scare less than a year ago and will forever remember the feelings I had while this was all happening.


As you can imagine when I was asked to walk, I gave no hesitation at all. What better reason would I have to walk with such a great group of individuals than to support such a wonderful cause?






I Need a Little Sunshine

In all honesty it’s been quite a blah week for me. Let’s see, rain for 4 of 5 days meant we were stuck inside for most of the week. However, that is not to say we did not have fun. One of my daycare kids requested a project that was beyond my doing so I passed her onto to my husband and they accomplished this together. Her hope was for a balance beam to do gymnastics on.


After it was constructed it needed a little jazzing up. So they took different colored duct tape and made it a rainbow balance beam. What could be better than that, right? It sure made that rainy day a little brighter.


In case you are wondering about any updates in regards to last weekends tragic accident at Devil’s Lake State Park that we witnessed, we know nothing new. I say this with sadness and hope. We have searched every single day for an update but have come up with nothing. We figure this may be good or bad but we are praying it means good things. Hopefully, this gentleman is recovering comfortably and there is nothing bad to update. Even though he has the right to his privacy, I just wish we knew if he will be ok in time. Either way, I still think of him often and keep praying that as long as we hear nothing it is all good.


Near the end of my week, I felt like the perfect storm had hit our home. I woke up crabby on Thursday, had my coffee, found the urge to start the laundry before all my little tykes arrived and walked into a basement of water!!!!!!!!!!! The female in me wanted to scream and just turn around and walk back upstairs and forget I ever decided to start the laundry. The wife in me said that someone has to clean it up and figure out what happened since my husband had already left for work. Well, the wife won and I cleaned it up, found the problem and then passed it on to the hubby anyhow. Not a great start to my day and it was only 5:30a.m., I could only imagine what the rest of my day would have in store for me.

Today will be a long day. I have a meeting regarding my daycare business to conduct after hours which means instead of 10 1/2 hours I will likely end up working almost 12 hours. Who in their right mind plans a meeting on a Friday after work? You guessed it, I did. What was I thinking? Anyhow, it is Friday and I could not be happier. Well, honestly, my mood would brighten drastically with a little sunshine.


Have a great weekend everyone!




Fall Trip To Devil’s Lake State Park

This past weekend we decided to squeeze in one last over night trip to our favorite WI park before the snow flies. We hiked all day Saturday at Devil’s Lake State Park and enjoyed all the fall colors,


saw a class of rock climbers,


and we also saw the most families I have ever seen at one time on the trails. This family pictured below just blew me away. If you have ever been to Devil’s Lake and climbed the east bluff you can only imagine what this man was feeling when he reached the top. We met him at the top and he was HOT and exhausted!


Check this out, a family of 6 did this climb. Mom, dad, two kids walking, and two being carried in back packs. I was so proud of them and they should also be proud of themselves. Their children saw something that most children will never get to see and it was thanks to their determination and love for the outdoors. Good job mom and dad:-) (and thank you for letting me snap the picture, if you happen to be reading)

This is an amazing park and now is the prime time to take the trip from where ever you live and experience the beauty of the fall colors. Our son loves this park, there is just so much to capture with his camera.


Family time is very hard to come by these days with work and school schedules making life so hectic, which is why we really enjoyed the time we spent all together this weekend.




A Special Message for the Gentleman Who Fell

Dear Sir,

My husband, son and I were three of the few gathered on the cliff top enjoying the view when you suddenly appeared and just as fast disappeared from our eyes along the trail you were on. Honestly, none of us could quite believe what we had just witnessed.

I feel this need to write this to you because often times with social media and hearsay people, like all of us, that love to do what we do for fun get a bad wrap for being careless.This however, was not the case when this happened to you. We all saw the trail you were on and could have made the same wrong step you did. Plus, I hope by writing you it makes me feel better inside. I, along with everyone else on the top of that cliff, felt so extremely helpless watching you fall and being able to do nothing to help. There were two EMT’s and one emergency room nurse hiking on that cliff when you fell trying to figure out any way possible to reach you. Your climbing friends were clearly shaken but would have done anything to help you also. We were amazed by the calmness of the one climber whom was thankfully already harnessed and immediately made his way down to you by repelling. Devils Lake park service was first to arrive within minutes and right behind Baraboo Fire and Rope Rescue Team showed up with a climber ready to repel to your location. Finally, after all emergency personnel arrived we were all asked to leave the scene and let them do their jobs. However, this was the part that I just can’t seem to forget. We headed down that trail with everyone else and no one was talking. There were groups gathered around in circles saying prayers for you and it was a somber finish for all of us who witnessed this horrific accident that you endured.

That night as we sat around the camp fire we were so thankful to be safe from a great day of hiking. At the same time our thoughts were on you, your friends and family whom would hopefully be by your side by now at a local hospital. We would not know until arriving home Sunday that you were airlifted from the cliff a few hours later in stable condition. Thank God! We all took a breath of relief but also hoped that stable condition meant that eventually you will be able to get back out there and continue doing what you love.

We are always cautious while hiking this gorgeous park. However, witnessing your mishap has brought a whole new meaning to us that we will never forget. Accidents happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone when we least expect them.

My family will be praying for your full recovery. Just know, that any of us on the top of that  cliff would have done just about anything to help you, we just had no way of doing anything.


My Family

Let’s All Live A Little This Weekend

This weekend is predicted to be perfect for outdoor fun and adventure and I could not be happier. We all have the entire weekend off to spend it together doing what we love. Schedules have been pretty crazy lately so I plan to take full advantage of this time we have together as a family.

For now I will leave you with a thought and encourage you all to get out, have some fun, and enjoy your weekend. We plan to do just this!


Life just seems to be passing by so quickly these days that I often find myself wishing I could freeze time. Clearly that is not possible so let’s take a look at my life as it is currently.

Currently I am looking forward to doing a weekend of “glamping” again with my husband and son at one of our favorite parks. We started out the Spring season with this same trip and ironically we are ending with the same trip.


Currently I am reading my latest issue of Backer Magazine which has way to much winter gear for my liking in it. Although, I still find the articles interesting to read, I have no reason to see the outcome of winter gear that was field tested and the results. I will never be a winter backpacker;-(

Currently I am eating lots of fall veggies. I can’t get enough zucchini and squash. And plans are in the near future for some pumpkin muffins. YUMMMM


Currently I am watching the new season of Grey’s Anatomy. This is literally the only television program I watch every week. I am not a big fan of the new time slot but so far I am adjusting to it as well as possible.

Currently I am trying to figure out what to do with my professional life. It’s all coming together nicely but I just wish I had a crystal ball to see what the future will tell me. Don’t we all?

Currently making me happy is that my husband has been stopping in to have lunch together everyday this week so far. This is quite the treat since he is usually at work way too far from home on normal days.

Currently I am planning our training schedule for our upcoming vacation. We will be hiking in the Mojave Desert and rock scrambling. We were given what to work on, what skills would be helpful and the mileage we will be hiking from our guides. Now we just need to prepare for this adventure.

Currently I am thinking about our upcoming 21st. anniversary. Should we do something, should we hang out and be lazy, should we buy gifts this year, should we……oh who knows? We will figure it out eventually.


Currently I am excited about a class I signed up to take in our area. I will be attending aqua zumba for 6 weeks and can’t wait to see how much fun it’s going to be.

Do you have anything on your mind you care to share? Tell me what’s up with you currently.


Amazing Trail Discoveries

The trail is normally a great escape for me. It’s a time to reset, enjoy nature, savor the peace and quiet of falling leaves, and just be in the moment. Unfortunately, even when I am on a trail I sometimes may run into something/someone that just takes me by surprise (besides a snake)!

Recently, a friend joined us on a hike and we came across a few of these “surprises” and I was quite happy to hear not only do they surprise me but others also.

  • Lack of people. We recently hiked two separate days a total of 7 miles on a very popular trail in a state park. The sun was high in the sky, temps were perfect and bugs were tolerable. It was also a weekend when you would expect most people out doing something fun. Don’t let me forget to mention, the campground at this state park was almost full. During these two days and 7 miles we came across a total of 13 people! I was shocked, I could not believe we ONLY saw 13 people in two days.
  • Flip flop hikers. Clearly they had the urge to hike but it was not in the game plan initially or they would have had better options for footwear. I could never pull this off but they did and I was impressed.
  • Trail maps. “YOU ARE HERE” may not always mean “YOU ARE HERE.” I have only hiked in a few states and WI is by far one that needs some work with their trail maps. Whether it be updating, repair or even placing the red star in the correct spot stating “YOU ARE HERE”, they just need some attention. I would highly recommend a GPS if you plan any elaborate hikes in the area.
  • Food taste better on the trail. Truth be told, I never thought I would ever consume a freeze dried meal. However, after a long hike, they are quite appetizing to say the least. I may even go as far and say that I even look forward to them.
  • Hikers texting. OMG, put your darn phone in your pocket and look up!!! You are missing the best part.
  • Smokers on the trail. This took me by surprise. This person was just ahead of us on the trail and instead of taking in fresh air we had to breathe second hand smoke. Happy…. I was not! Irritated…. extremely! The trail was not that long but apparently they just could not wait and had to light up before the hike was over.
  • Age groups we come across. This is my biggest shocker I think. Most hikers we come across are middle aged to older adults and I am just so happy about this fact. I think it is fantastic!!! We have so many people we know that we have tried to get to join us on fun hikes and everyone says the same exact thing…..they’re too old! I just wish they could see they really are not too old, because we see it on the trail all the time.
  • Kids exhausted. As scary as this is for me to see it is also very frustrating for me also. Kids should be able to do anything I can do and much more. However, we come across kids 10-16 years old that have to sit, rest, and simply force their bodies to hike further down a trail. What is happening to our youth?
  • Pack it in/Pack it out. Dispose of waste properly! This is what that means. Let me be more specific. If you carried it in with you, you also carry it out with you. If you did not find it on the trail, it does not belong left on the trail.
  • Strenuous/Moderate/Easy. This can mean different things to different people. Do your research and make sure it’s what you can handle.

Do you have anything you can add?

I would love to hear what you have come across while hiking.

Can you relate to any of mine?